Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Eupen to Regensburg. Day 2: Blankenheim to Koblenz

Getting ready to cycle another hop to Koblenz

Waking up at 08:30 and getting ready for breakfast, which is ready at 09:00. I've planned to take it easy today.


Some of the things I wanted to do different from yesterday: depart early, take plenty of breaks, maybe look at something that seems interesting on the way, and make plenty of photos. Unfortunately, I couldn't do these improvements to the extent I wanted to, due to the fact that this day started with an adverse surprise. My tire got flat again.

Street in Blankenheim
In the photo, you see me going to a tool shop in the 'Gewerbepark'. A Gewerbepark is an area where larger stores gather with the goal of keeping traffic out of the old town and having enough parking spaces. I wasn't cycling at the moment.

Seatcushion and bicycle tube 28 Profex
Look at this picture. I've bought an Auto valve. Problem: I do not have such a pump. Arriving at the hotel again, I noticed that I've bought the wrong tube.

The next photo is a second time at the tool shop.

Mending bike-tire tube
I've made a repair-stand in front of the store.

The tube has been replaced by a tube with the correct valve, a size 15 spanner has been purchased, and I've taken my baggage with me as well. Everything is set.
Spanner 15 and Bike-wheel
RIP old tube.

Repairing my bicycle outside the tool shop
Voila! Almost perfect. The reason for it not being perfect? Even though the valve is the correct type (Dunlop), it is not the correct size. I can't screw an additional sealing on the valve and I can barely close the bolt that holds the air inside the tube. Basically: it holds the air inside, doesn't release it, but not all parts can be used due to a lack of space. I can tell you beforehand that it will lead to an amazingly short durability.

sign Rhineland Pfalz Welcome bird poop
The birds do not seem to accept their hospitality.
Down the hill in 5 minutes time (probably more)
Only going downhill. Very nice.
Photo of road nearby Müsch
Some scenes from Dorsel.

Nürburgring left Dorsel
Location: between Dorsel and Müsch. The sign says: UP Koblenz Mayen Nürburgring LEFT Dorsel.

Field nearby Musch
Dorsel scenery. Nothing going on there.

Sign-post of Müsch or Muesch
Sign of Müsch.

Rheinlandpfalz Müsch
Looks so peaceful.

Musch tourist area
FREMDENVERKEHRSORTS MÜSCH!! Sounds so German somehow.

Barweiler Welcomes its Tourists
Welcome. The state recognises this is a holliday destination. Barweiler.

Just so you know.
Chart of Cycle route to Koblenz Mayen Nürburgring
The route from the border of NRW to Barweiler.

Bicyclepump buy
Already had to use the pump several times. Good purchase.

Bauler Nürburgring

Motorcyclist cool move
This sign says: check this guy out!
The motor-cyclist is doing a trick on his motorbike.
Koblenz Nürburgring traffic sign
Never heard of towns like Cochem, Daun, Altenahr, Adenau, Ulmen or Kelberg. Now I have.

Arena Racing Nürburg
This photo is of a race track called after its city, 'Nürburgring'. I care so little about f-1 or grand prix, that I did not even bother to look at some race that was going on at the moment. I actually passed a spot where you could have seen something.

Chart of area around Nürburg nearby Mayen

Nürburgring city
This is Nürburg.

Castle of Nürburg

Dottingen Reinlandpfalz
Döttingen city centre.

Doettingen sight
No idea how I got on this track.

going to Virneburg
Leaving Baar, entering Nitzermühle.

Metropolitan life in Nitzermuhle is hectic as always

Virne Burg
Taking a break
A break was necessary at this point. In front of me lies an incredibly steep hill and I was already quite tired.

all the way up there
I'll have to cycle all the way up there.

From Blankenheim to Koblenz
A nice view of Hirten.

Arriving in Mayen soon
Leaving Hirten, going to Mayen.

Spa resort Kürrenberg Koblenz
Passing Kürrenberg.

Nürburgring Mayen
This is the point from where there are no more hills. It moves fast from here on out.

Vulcano street of Koblenz and Germany
Koblenz: 20 km; Nürburgring: 33 km (back)

Stairs city bike
I've made a small detour.

Fields in Germany

Village nearby city Suburban life
The suburbs of Koblenz.

What kind of crazy looking church is this?

going to Bassenheim

So much waste
Between Ochtendung and Bassenheim lies this. So much plastic.

Germany Koblenz

Koblenz 10 km
Koblenz 10 km

Panorama Schrebergärten

Universitätsstadt Koblenz
Finally reached the "University City Koblenz".
Ochtendung Bassenheim Trierer Straße, Helfensteinstraße
From Barweiler to Koblenz.

Looking for a Hostel


Searching Ehrenbreitstein
Koblenz panorama.

in Eichenbreitscheid

The view from the hotel window.
Creepy clowns laughing and crying
The room where I'll sleep...
The Clownroom
... is really creepy.

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