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Pitfalls when buying a bike: Mistakes people make when purchasing a bicycle

There are lots of common mistakes people make when buying their wheels online or in a store. I will share with you some of the common pitfalls when buying a bicycle.

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Cycling comes in all flavour

Type of person: The I-can't-drive-a-car-when-I-drink person

Reason for having a two-wheeled vehicle: getting from -  and to a party/pub/club
Mistake when buying a two-wheeled vehicle: Overpaying for its purpose
Location: depends - people in the city are often close by a party. If you live in a rural area, you can spend a bit more on a decent bike.

My recommendation: buy a second hand two-wheeled vehicle from a flea market or a bike shop. If you are drunk, you can easily trash your bicycle or forget to put a lock on it. Try to get a velocipede with an AXA lock attached to it. If you do not have an axa lock on it, buy one here.

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Type of person: The everything-has-to-be-safe person

Reason for having a two-wheeled vehicle: sporadic excercise, planned bike trips, going to work (only during spring and summer; autumn/winter is too dangerous)
Mistake when buying a two-wheeled vehicle: getting fooled into buying a bike for 1000,00's of dollar.
Location: depends on the location. Mostly subarban areas or cities.

My recommendation: buy a new bike but don't go over the 500 dollar limit. It does not make sense to buy an expensive bike to ride it a few weeks a year. If you worry about your safety, buy equipment like a helmet, knee / elow pads and side mirrors. However, safety mostly lies within your hands (in the way you behave) and that of the many other traffic participants.

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Type of person: Travel-the-world-on-my-bike-person

Reason for having a two-wheeled vehicle: adventure, low-budget travelling, various other purposes
Mistake when buying a two-wheeled vehicle: the common mistake is buying a second hand velocipede. You cannot trust second hand bike for long journeys. If you buy a second hand bike, be sure to exchange the wheels before trekking. Cycling a long distance can become very expensive if you have to buy tubes and tires all the time. I recommend buying spare parts on the internet.

Location: Rough, steep, flat, hilly, urban, suburban, rural terrains

My recommendation: buy a new bike with at least 21 gears. Make sure you buy spare-tubes and thick tires on the internet. If you buy a used bicycle, change the wheels before travelling. That way, you can be sure that they will last quiet some time. Do not forget to buy a good lock.

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Buying a bike: how to purchase a fitting bicycle

What to take into account when buying a bike?

  • Where do you live? Flat, rural, steep, urban, ... areas?
  • How often do you use it?
  • Short or long distance cycling?
  • Low budget or a good investment?

Which bicycle is ideal for you: A small tutorial

I will show you bicycles with a specific kind of person. I'll start with a hybrid bike.

Hybrid bikes are a mix of road bikes, touring bikes and mountain bikes. This bicycle has 21 gears, a sturdy frame and a luggage carrier. This means that it is suited for commuters, trekkers and occasional bikers. At the moment this bike costs $281, which makes this bicycle a real bargain.

Click on the blue title to read more about the bicycle.

What should you consider when you buy a bike

Takara Kabuto Single Speed Road Bike

A sturdy speed road bike for agile and fast movement through the big city. It's steel frame and fork and strong kenda tires are ideal for commuters. The prices at this time are between
$194.26 - $308.77.

Buying a bike: how to purchase a fitting bicycle

Diamondback Bicycles 2014 Recoil Full Suspension Mountain Bike with 29-Inch Wheels

The cost-benefit ratio when it comes to bicycles.

  • RECOIL 6061-T6 Aluminum 4" Trail Frame
  • SR XCT 100mm travel Fork/Kindshock Coil Rear Shock
  • Shimano Acera rear derailleur w/SLM-310 8spd Rapid-fire shifters
  • 32h Diamondback SL-7 Double wall Rims
  • Tektro IO Plus Mechanical Disc Brakes

For which purposes is the Recoil 29 developed?

The recoil 29 is a great bike for the beginner mountain bikers or someone who wants to travel the world with a sturdy bicacle. The 29-inch wheels of recoil 29 are the best when it comes to the cost-benefit factor. The Recoil 29 is a bike will bring you lots of excitement and its features will amaze you every single trail you take.

What is so good about 29 inch wheels?

29" wheels is the favourite format of mountain bikers around the world. Driving on obstacles with ease and help smooth out the trace. In addition, traction and flat available from the speed of a wheel size, and you have a set of tires that will convert all the tracks in a fun trail.

Why do I need full suspension?

Mountain biking is a matter of freedom and anticipation of what you might find in the next round of the track. Sometimes what you find is a minefield of roots and rocks. The four inches of travel on the decline in pre help suck some of these surprises, sections of rough trails can dish out, and help you enjoy safe and in control, every minute of your trip.

The specifications for the Recoil 29 include:

  • Diamondback Recoil Full Suspension is sustainable Series 6061 T-6 aluminum single pivot track frame with 4 "travel suspension provides comfort and control
  • Set SR XCT fork with 100mm external preload and shock damping Kinshock Coil with oil enjoy the bumps on the track
  • Shimano 8-speed shifters and derailleurs to change smoothly without a hitch with three trays before mating to give you 24 gears to choose
  • Tektro mechanical provide plenty of stopping power in wet and dry conditions
  • Twenty-nine-inch wheels with double wall rims and 32 speed 14 gauge spokes are constructed from stainless steel tire 29x2.2 WTB Wolverine Comp set to provide miles and miles of durable performance

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