Repairing your Bike: Guide to Fixing your Bicycle

Repairing a bike is quite easy as long as you know how to do it and what to look out for when you buy spare parts. A good example of ignorance is when I tried to buy a tube for my back wheel. I bought the wrong size of air valve (too short) and the wrong size of tube itself (wrong diameter). The durability of the tube was extremely low as it only held out 100 km before bursting. Hence it is crucial to buy the highest quality of spare parts and to know which spare parts are needed for your bicycle in particular. The quality and durability is especially important while trekking or traveling long distances.

I will try to cover every part of a bike, so you could exchange and/or repair everything that might get broken.

The Wheel

I have made 2 separate articles regarding the wheel. If you need to fix or change a tire or tube, please click on the link below:

Buying spare parts: Tires and Tubes

If you need to repair a bent wheel (also called 'trueing' or 'wheel allignment') or if you have to change a damaged spoke, please click on the link below:

Buying spare parts: Spokes and Wheel Allignment

The Brakes

I have made 2 guides regarding the brakes. The first guide explains the vast variety of brakes and explains how certain parts of the brake work. The second guide goes straight to solving the difficulties one can encounter. It's categorized in difficulty levels, so read through the easy fixes before moving on to the hard stuff (like changing brakes altogether).

Fixing a brake Part I: parts of various types of brakes

Fixing a brake Part II: how to fix problems regarding the brakes

I have added a list of spare parts at the beginning of the articles. Feel free to buy it from that source (or not). Should you be in need of personal assistance, feel free to contact me on biking.thru.europe-*-at-*
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