Tuesday, January 6, 2015

What should I carry while taking long distance cycling routes in Europe?

It is important to carry with you the bare essentials. I'll make a list of things to take with you and items to increase your carrying capacity.

8 things that you will need on your bike tour through Europe.

  1. Clothes
  2. Money
  3. A backpack that isn't too heavy
  4. Bike maintenance set

    AGPtek® 16 in 1 Bicycle Cycling Tyre Repair Multi Tool Set Kits With Mini Portable Pump

  5. Spare tubes

    Continental 42mm Presta Valve Tube
    Slime Smart Tube

  6. A bicycle pump in case there isn't one on your bike or in your multi tool repair kit
  7. And a cargo trailer to increase your capacity

  8. An bicycle trailer can seriously increase your carrying capacity without impairing performance. 2 brands that have specialized in this field are 'Ridekick' and 'Electric Push-Trailer'.
Ridekick Power Trailer HT

And nothing else...

Do not take too much clothing with you, as you can use a washing salon while you are traveling.
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