Sunday, August 10, 2014

Pitfalls when buying a bike: Mistakes people make when purchasing a bicycle

There are lots of common mistakes people make when buying their wheels online or in a store. I will share with you some of the common pitfalls when buying a bicycle.

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Cycling comes in all flavour

Type of person: The I-can't-drive-a-car-when-I-drink person

Reason for having a two-wheeled vehicle: getting from -  and to a party/pub/club
Mistake when buying a two-wheeled vehicle: Overpaying for its purpose
Location: depends - people in the city are often close by a party. If you live in a rural area, you can spend a bit more on a decent bike.

My recommendation: buy a second hand two-wheeled vehicle from a flea market or a bike shop. If you are drunk, you can easily trash your bicycle or forget to put a lock on it. Try to get a velocipede with an AXA lock attached to it. If you do not have an axa lock on it, buy one here.

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Type of person: The everything-has-to-be-safe person

Reason for having a two-wheeled vehicle: sporadic excercise, planned bike trips, going to work (only during spring and summer; autumn/winter is too dangerous)
Mistake when buying a two-wheeled vehicle: getting fooled into buying a bike for 1000,00's of dollar.
Location: depends on the location. Mostly subarban areas or cities.

My recommendation: buy a new bike but don't go over the 500 dollar limit. It does not make sense to buy an expensive bike to ride it a few weeks a year. If you worry about your safety, buy equipment like a helmet, knee / elow pads and side mirrors. However, safety mostly lies within your hands (in the way you behave) and that of the many other traffic participants.

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Type of person: Travel-the-world-on-my-bike-person

Reason for having a two-wheeled vehicle: adventure, low-budget travelling, various other purposes
Mistake when buying a two-wheeled vehicle: the common mistake is buying a second hand velocipede. You cannot trust second hand bike for long journeys. If you buy a second hand bike, be sure to exchange the wheels before trekking. Cycling a long distance can become very expensive if you have to buy tubes and tires all the time. I recommend buying spare parts on the internet.

Location: Rough, steep, flat, hilly, urban, suburban, rural terrains

My recommendation: buy a new bike with at least 21 gears. Make sure you buy spare-tubes and thick tires on the internet. If you buy a used bicycle, change the wheels before travelling. That way, you can be sure that they will last quiet some time. Do not forget to buy a good lock.

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