Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Fixed it! Mended my bike, repaired my gear change and bought essential equipment

The day of departure is coming closer and I presume that I have acquired all the essential equipment. I've bought a decent bicycle pump, repair-kit and a good lock.

Yesterday, a friend and I have fixed my back-wheel, as 2 different spots on the tube were punctured. Afterwards we've also repaired my gear change, which didn't go into third gear. The only thing that needs to be done now, is for me to buy a ticket and get to Belgium.

Here are some photos of the operating table.

photo disassembling the bicycle repairing cycle
I've made this picture to remember how the chainwheel looks before deconstructing the bike.
gear change mending repairing tire change
The chair was used to hold the bike while we dislocated the backwheel.

Bike ambulance repairing locating holes
Let us hope that this thing is just a precaution, as I have no clou how to use this without having all of my tools with me.
In theory, I would only need a pump (which I have), water to locate the hole, 2 spoons and this kit. However, we have dislocated the wheel with a (15) spanner and had a bucket of water to locate the hole. I do not have a spanner, nor will a carry a bucket from Eupen to Regensburg.

Hmmm... Problems for later I guess?

Gear needed to fix a bicycle footpump pedalpump
Repair-kit, bicycle pump and it has a lock. Everything that is needed.
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