From Mönchengladbach [DE] to Tongeren [BE] via Venlo [NL]

Here the link to all photos and maps with regards to the biking route "From Mönchengladbach to Tongeren".

Cycle routes:
  • From Mönchengladbach to Venlo via Viersen and Kaldenkirchen
    I've passed Dülken, Boisheim, Breyell and Kaldenkirchen on my way to Venlo (34,3 km).
  • From Venlo to Roermond
    Cyling from Venlo to Roemond (24,6 km)
  • (theoretically I should have gone from Roermond to Maastricht)
  • From Maastricht to Tongeren

    Arrived at 1:38, cycled 77,6 km (18,7 km + 24,6km +34,3 km). Crossed 3 different borders.
Duration: half a day (est. duration with Maastricht: 1 full day)
Difficulty: easy (with Maastricht inc: average)
Distance: 77,6 km
Countries: Germany, The Netherlands, Belgium
(unplanned and spontaneous trip)

Tips for people taking a similar route through South Limburg, Limburg and NRW:
  • Leave early enough and look for hotels/hostels beforehand. I did not know that it was impossible to find a cheap room in Maastricht, as I assumed hostels were available in all big cities (Maastricht having a population of almost 120.000).
  • Do not keep cycling after 22:00. You'll really find it impossible to find a room afterwards.
  • Use google translate on Dutch, French or German websites of hostels/hotels. If you want to book or reserve a room, try preparing some phrases using the translation tool. Even if it is wrong, you will still get a message across using a combination of English and your prepared sentences.
  • Do not do this unprepared as I did. 


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